Goldilocks and The Three Bears

Text Organization
Language Features Orientation Once upon a time there were three Bears, who livedtogether in a house of their own, in a wood. One of them was a Little Wee Bear, and one was a Middle-sized Bear, and the other was a Great Big Bear. They had each a bowl for their porridge; a little bowl for the Little Wee Bear; and a middle-sized bowl for the Middle-sized Bear; and a great bowl for the Great Big Bear. And they had each a chair to sit in; a little chair for the Little Wee Bear; and a middle-sized chair for the Middle-sized Bear; and a great chair for the Great Big Bear. And they had each a bed to sleep in; a little bed for the Little Wee Bear; and a middle-sized bed for the Middle-sized Bear; and a great bed for the Great Big Bear. One day, after they had made the porridge for their breakfast, and poured it into their porridge-bowls, they walked out into the wood while the porridge was cooling, that they might not burn their mouths by beginning too…

Arromanis youtube link

Achmad and I did a video about Arromanis on youtube! Check it out!


On the 21st of  September 2017, 10th graders of SMAN 3 Bandung held an activity called LDKS. LDKS stands for Latihan Dasar Kepemimpinan Siswa which means Students Leadership Basic Training. So basically, you can call it bootcamp.


On the 30th of September 2017, SMAN 3 Bandung held a cultural festival called Gathapraya.
This is the 4th cultural festival that SMAN 3 Bandung has held. The theme for this cultural festival is reuniting the old cultures and the new cultures and reviving it because it is fading away.

             I didn't come to Gathapraya as an audience, but as a committee. I was the committee for decoration, and my sub division is for the tunnel. The Decoration team has prepared months for this event. Even though my part is for the tunnel, but I also help the others for making the Gate, and others. That being said, the tunnel is made only a day before the event. I think we were still unprepared, but I'm quite satisfied with the result.

            On the day of the event, all the committee gathered at 5 am. We all worked, and we, the Tunnel team, tries to finish in time. The event starts at 12 pm. There were many attractions such as bands like wadooh!, and dangdut. there was al…

Why I can't come to world turnament this saturday

There will be a school festival this Saturday and apparently I can't come.
On the 26th of August 2017 I will be attending my cousins' proposal ceremony in Jakarta.
I went to Jakarta on the night before, because the proposal is in the morning. The next day, we held the proposal at 10 am at Rumahku in Bintaro. The male bride comes and the female bride, our family, is the one who accept it. everyone is wearing kebaya and batik. The atmosphere was very lovely and the proposal went well, with a gift acceptance given to each family. Each families introduced each other and everyone was happy.The proposal ended at 3 pm and everyone went home. The next day, we went back to Bandung.

School holiday plans

A long holiday is coming. Feny and Nadira are talking about their plans for the holiday.

Feny: "Hi Nadira, there will be a school holiday next week. So, what are you going to do?"
Nadira: "I am going to the Maldives next week. How about you?"
Feny: "Wow, that sounds great! Um, I don't have any plan yet. I think I will just stay at home."
Nadira: "Well, why don"t you join me to the Maldives? I think it will be fun!"
Feny: "That sounds cool, but, I don't think I can be joining you to the Maldives. I would rather stay at home and rest because school is so hectic and made me tired."
Nadira:"Oh really? Wouldn't it be more relaxing if you could join me to the Maldives? Imagine being surrounded by the turquoise sea and laying down on the white-soft sand?"
Feny: "Well, that does seem relaxing. Okay, I'll join you!"
Nadira: "Hurray! Feny is joining me! Come on let's hurry and buy the ticket now …

Lost in the supermarket

One day, a 9 year old Ichi was walking in the supermarket with her mom. It was after school that time, so I was very tired. Imagine, having your mom to drag you around the supermarket, but you just want to sleep in the car. But, I knew the only thing that could revive my energy. Snacks. Who can't resist the temptation of walking through the snack aisle? So, as my mom was picking up all her needs, I, carelessly, walked in the snack aisle and gather all my snacks. Oreo, Pringles, Kit Kat, you name it.

           After little me has gathered all her snacks, mommy was gone. I couldn't find her anywhere. So I thought I should find her cart. While carrying my snacks, I kept looking, and looking, probably I've looked through the entire supermarket, but I couldn't find her anywhere. I became anxious. I put back my snacks, and went outside the supermarket. I looked everywhere, but still couldn't find her.
          As I was looking for her, I can't stop thinking that sh…