School holiday plans

A long holiday is coming. Feny and Nadira are talking about their plans for the holiday.

Feny: "Hi Nadira, there will be a school holiday next week. So, what are you going to do?"
Nadira: "I am going to the Maldives next week. How about you?"
Feny: "Wow, that sounds great! Um, I don't have any plan yet. I think I will just stay at home."
Nadira: "Well, why don"t you join me to the Maldives? I think it will be fun!"
Feny: "That sounds cool, but, I don't think I can be joining you to the Maldives. I would rather stay at home and rest because school is so hectic and made me tired."
Nadira:"Oh really? Wouldn't it be more relaxing if you could join me to the Maldives? Imagine being surrounded by the turquoise sea and laying down on the white-soft sand?"
Feny: "Well, that does seem relaxing. Okay, I'll join you!"
Nadira: "Hurray! Feny is joining me! Come on let's hurry and buy the ticket now …

Lost in the supermarket

One day, a 9 year old Ichi was walking in the supermarket with her mom. It was after school that time, so I was very tired. Imagine, having your mom to drag you around the supermarket, but you just want to sleep in the car. But, I knew the only thing that could revive my energy. Snacks. Who can't resist the temptation of walking through the snack aisle? So, as my mom was picking up all her needs, I, carelessly, walked in the snack aisle and gather all my snacks. Oreo, Pringles, Kit Kat, you name it.

           After little me has gathered all her snacks, mommy was gone. I couldn't find her anywhere. So I thought I should find her cart. While carrying my snacks, I kept looking, and looking, probably I've looked through the entire supermarket, but I couldn't find her anywhere. I became anxious. I put back my snacks, and went outside the supermarket. I looked everywhere, but still couldn't find her.
          As I was looking for her, I can't stop thinking that sh…

A Conversation in a Flight

Two strangers sit next to each other in a flight. One of them is anxious about flying.

Nadira: "Are you okay?"
Feny   : (breathes heavily) "Um...Not really, it's my first time flying."
Nadira: "You don't look good. Do you need any help?"
Feny   :"No thanks, I'm okay."
Nadira:"I also have flight anxiety. Here, use this, it can calm you down."
Feny   :"Thank you. I appreciate it."
Nadira:"Do you feel better now?"
Feny   :"Yes, I do."
Nadira:"Are you going for vacation or something else?"
Feny   :"I'm a medical student. My internship is in Papua."
Nadira:"Whoa, that's cool. I'm here for a vacation."
Feny   :"You must be going to Raja Ampat, is that so?"
Nadira:"Of course! It is a traveller's paradise."
Feny   :"Anyway, we haven't introduce ourselves. I'm Feny. I'm from Jakarta."
Nadira:"I'm Nadira. I&#…

Ichi Bitsy Spider

Once upon a time, lived an ordinary adolescent, named Ichi. No, not the Japanese for 1, or having eczema or a rash on your skin. My parents gave me a beautiful yet mainstream name, Nadira. But I prefer to be called Ichi, knowing Nadira is a name for millions of people. Nadira Natania Indrayanto was given to me on the day I was born, 21st of March 2002, at 10 o'clock at night, in a Hospital, in Manchester. Like most asian babies, I was very yellow, so they need to put me in an incubator, for some reason, I guess.

     Ichi. why Ichi? Well, long story short, when I was young, I loved to watch Teletubbies. And, there was a phrase where they say "It is". So, I call myself, "It is", but I said it in a toddler-ish way, "Ichi". Well, at least that's what my mom said, like, it's not possible to remember everything you said when you were 2.

     Anyway, everyone in the PC room are publishing their story so I should finish mine too. So long story …